Sunday, June 24, 2012


Apparently the word has more to do with speaking deceitfully than a particularly eloquent form of fellatio. I don't feel brave enough to say fallaciloquence out loud but that is probably because there's no one around of quite the right mindset to try it out on. I came across the word written in pencil across a bird cut from a page of an unknown novel  ...
         "It doesn't matter," Justin sai
"It's only been one day, and it's a public high school. If you've got a local address they're required
       you. This way, Tessa can be pregnant and nobody will  know    
                difference. She can hide it, 'cause nobody will know what she really

... and pegged to a table number stand that I stole from a quiz night and carried home, stuck to my bedside lamp to remind me to always speak my truth, as eloquently as possible.

The lights have gone out. I blame the electric kettle which browns the place out every time I switch it on. The rest of the street's houses are firing away which makes me feel a bit singled out and depressed. The rcd's and fuse wires are just not playing. I could write a nostalgic piece about the day the lights went out and how we lit candles and ate dinner in their warming glow and how when the lights came on, the whole family was a bit sad and joyous all at once.
Nah, I'll spare you.


  1. 'Eloquent form of fellatio'? I was always taught not to talk with my mouth full - or was that 'elegant'?

  2. I was going with the loquence Tom

  3. I would try and pronounce that with the what I think are the root words in mind: fallacy and eloquence perhaps. But you are right, it is an awkward union. Maybe a bit like fellatio? LOL

  4. An awkward union? Ha ha. Depends on who is listening, I guess, to get back to what I was saying, the right mindset, yes?

  5. Is the first C pronounced the Italian way? If so, then, 'falla-chilloquence' which isn't that difficult at all really. Now is it... :-)

  6. Nice. Thanks Ciaran. But your point gets confused by the overarching Englishness of the double 'c' in coccyx or accident.
    They are both excellent scrabble words, by the way.