Sunday, June 24, 2012

Train Ann (Contains images of deceased folk)

 Mary Wheeler. 
C 1925.
Was a shepherdess for Hill's Butchers of York St, Albany, protecting his sheep from the dingoes. Quite a good horsewoman. Often seen riding her sway-backed horse down York street.

Hansen Moses. 
C. 1925.
Sold clothes props around Albany. Believed to be one of the last Emu Tribe from around Albany, Esperance and Eucla.

Train Ann. 
C. 1925.
Aboriginal woman as named because she liked to ride on the Albany to Mt Barker trains.
She and her small daughter died of typhoid.
Believed to be one of last of the Emu Tribe from around Albany, Esperance and Eucla.

Watercolours by Brenda  Holland. Restored by Bridget Pears. Albany Bond Store.


  1. old faces with old tales to tell!

  2. Amazing images ST, haven't seen these before, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hello WY! How's the north for you?

    A qualification is needed for the biographies below the paintings ...
    They were done in the era of Daisy Bates and the sentiments of 'smoothing the pillow' which of course has manifested as patently untrue. The Emu people are still around. If you look around town today and then back to the paintings, it becomes really obvious.

  4. Just thinking about Mary Wheeler here, she may the daughter of Lydia Wheeler (Maybe...)