Thursday, December 30, 2010

Islands, Linq Journal

A copy of Linq journal's Island edition arrived in my letterbox yesterday. This literary journal is published from James Cook University in Queensland and this time, I'm in it! Here is a link to their website.

The idea for my story, 'Dead Reckoning; The Breaksea Islanders and Me', came from reading about a certain governor in King George Sound who expressed consternation in official circles that the offspring of sealers and Aboriginal women could claim a birthright over the islands in Western Australia. I'm still niggling away at the idea that even in the early 1800's, the colonials were already worried about native title issues and also about the ownership of islands. Combine this with federal anxieties over lighthouse security and those modern day gatekeepers, the Department of Environment and Conservation, there is a nice, curly story and just the kind I like.

Top Image:  Linq front cover, Blue water Lagoon near El Nido, Palawan by Tommy Shultz
Other Images: Breaksea Island by Sarah Toa


  1. Sarah, you are displaying exponential amounts of awesomeness.

  2. Great idea Sarah - you are the prime person to write an Australian 'MoonFleet', or similar. Go for it quick! XXX

  3. Thanks Spencer! And Tom, what is Moonfleet? Sounds interesting...

  4. Excellent ST but I couldn't find you in the mag though I went to the link.

  5. Sarah's work isn't featured on the website but there is a short biography of Ms. Toa available to read. This can be found under "Contacts" in the banner menu.

    Hey Sarah I don't know much about the different ranks that are achieved in higher education, so I have to ask: When you finish your doctorate will we be addressing you as Dr. Toa, or will Ma'am be sufficient?

  6. Hi Spencer, doctor would be nice!