Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kooky Beauty's Dark Past

 No fisherman likes to lose good rope
to propellors running over their nets and buoys.
But the big problem with good rope lost
is that it will never break down and become one with the sea.
Good rope lost will cause problems
for generations of seals, sharks, dolphins and whales.

I made these baskets out of ropes and nets found at Peaceful Bay, Doubtful Island Bay,
Point King, Point Anne, Pelican Point, Princess Royal Harbour.
The green rope is longline, for attaching hooks to. I found it at Point Anne, where the whales come to play every year. Most of the grey and pink rope is from crayfish pots.


  1. Yes, they are a bit aren't they? They'll be on display at the Boatshed Markets on Sundays, until Christmas. At which time they will become presents 'cos I have no money!
    I've been meaning to make them and been collecting the rope for a long time now.

  2. Will make great prezzies...but would also be a powerful installation piece - artiste extraordinaire :)

  3. What a lovely transformation, Sarah. I have doormats made of recycled cray pot rope. I bought them from a retired gent in Northampton when I went up for my first Airing of the Quilts in 2007. He makes baskets as well. When I went back the next year to buy an additional one for the back door, I told him how fantastic they were. Yes, he agreed, but business was bad because the bloody things never wear out!
    They really are fantastic mats. Want me to send you a pic?

  4. Yes please! I'd like to make doormats, probably if I had a look around I could find instructions somewhere. I'll text you my email today Barbara thanks. You can use those baskets as plant pots for the same reason - they never wear out. Which is the point and something your friend put so well.