Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Sympathetic Cow Murderer

Cow Murderer

By Richard Davy
Book Launch and exhibition
6pm, 17th December, 2010
Kalyenup Studio
Albany Entertainment Centre
Toll Place (off Princess Royal Drive), Albany
exhibition open: 10am – 4pm, 18th – 19th December, 2010

Richard was born into a dairy farming family near Albany on WA’s southern coast in 1967. In the late seventies his family moved further east to a farm near Cape Riche, Richard still lives and works on the same property. It was certified organic in 2003.

A trip to Africa in the early 1990’s profoundly changed Richard’s approach to life. Dismayed by the wide spread apathy he witnessed on his return to Australia, he started to question, study and write. He also developed his long term interest in photography, documenting his travels and his rural existence in striking images- beautiful, quizzical and heartbreaking.

By the turn of the century Richard could no longer see a future in modern day farming practices, and began implementing new ideas on the land. He studied biological soil science, then holistic resource management. It switched a light on for him, fuelling both his farming enterprise and his creative pursuits. He remains optimistic that there are alternative ways to live and farm in harmony with the land.

In 2001 he held his first exhibition of photographs and written word in Albany.
Since then he has continued to explore the world of multi- media, combining film, stills photography and spoken word to create miniature movies with a poetic slant.
This latest offering is a collection of writing and photography from the early 1990’s to the present.


  1. That's a great image and you have to admnire the book title. I'd be interested in his movies too. Sounds an interesting character...

  2. Well, sometimes I reckon you wish you were here :) especially now it is summer in the Antipodes.
    It is a wonderful pic hey?