Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Message in a Bottle

Whilst collecting firewood or stone at Kundip I am the happiest girl in the world. When I found a bottle with a message inside washed up on Masons Bay, something shifted in the definition of a happy Toa.
Imagine finding a true blue message in a bottle ...
I did, on New Year's Eve.

I picked it up. Potter, walking along the beach ahead of me, stopped when he saw my consternation and stillness.
"I've found a message in a bottle!"
He jumped around and whooped and waved and said, "I've walked for miles along beaches. I've found ambergris. The bane of whales. Ambergris! I've never found a message in a bottle. I've been looking my whole life for a message in a bottle."

I too have been searching the beaches my whole life for a message in a bottle. The strange thing was that when I found a Glad sandwich bag stuffed into a tiny bottle, lying in the kelp I felt no surprise, no amazement. I've walked countless shores and waited and hoped for this moment. And now ... here it is, just like I thought it would always happen. Fate. True love. The Leeuin Current. Whatever.

"Open it," he said.
The bottle was small and stoppered with a cork, sealed with blue wax.
"I think I'll wait." I put the bottle into my handbag.
It was New Years Eve after all.


  1. Thank you happy Toa :) resting in the knowledge that you are a powerful creator - awesomeness!!
    Am still excited to know of the message though, have you read it yet or are you quite content to leave it a mystery?

  2. You have whetted our curiosity, you know that don't you Toa ?

    What a dreadful tease you are :) :)

    With any luck in the bottle will be an invoice from from Father Ocean charging you for all of the fish that you have caught !

    Happy New Year Toa xx

  3. OH COME ON! OPEN IT! It might be some stranded person requiring immediate attention... 80 years ago...

  4. Ok, I will do what rarely do and join the throng of voices - open the fucker and tell us what it says, pleeeaaase.