Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Women and Dogs

"It was a singular sight to see the women return from the bird rookery with their numerous dogs, most of them of a very large kind. Robinson counted up to forty and was told there was fifty on Gun Carriage. At Woody Island there were ten besides the herd of dogs the women have taken with them to Flinders. There cannot be less than two hundred dogs in these straits, all of a large description. Most of these islands are infested with wild dogs.

From the sealers, the natives have obtained a great many dogs. The natives have stolen them when the boats come ashore."

G.A. Robinson, 12/11/1830.


  1. Sounds though it could have been Defoe, 1600.

  2. Great stuff, hey. There's a bit of a Mohican landscape happening there too.