Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Was in the Bottle?

Aw ... okay then ...
I cracked away the blue wax and removed the cork from the bottle while sitting by the fireplace later on that evening. The Glad bag inside was easy to pull out because whoever had inserted it had done so with much care to leave a twist in the mouth of the bottle.
 The message was tightly rolled. It looked like whoever had thrown it into the briny had bought a 'message in a bottle' kit and it was from a lad who lived in Perth. The date was 19th of December, 2010.


 But then, rolled inside that letter were two business cards. One from a man who fixed garage doors and another from his wife ...



  1. Bah indeed. We have all fallen for an advertising trick from a garage door fixer.

  2. Mmmm......maybe they were doing the genuine message in bottle thing. Have you done one???

  3. When I sailed to Tasmania I did but never heard what happened to it.

    Maybe they wanted to start a chain message in a bottle?

  4. It's always fascinating this message in a bottle stuff, a game of chance depending on so many factors even as to whether it will be found.

    Thanks for opening it To a.

  5. I assume the business cards were placed there to give you some contact details ? pretty cool tho

  6. I knew you'd like that one, Woy Woy Steve.