Monday, January 9, 2012

Osprey and Nest, King River


  1. Awesome. There is a breeding pair that live at Ocean Beach. I reckon I could find the tree but I wouldn't. I imagine they are looking out for me when I am surfing because they are one of my animal familiars.

  2. What type of tree is that? Im in NZ enountering a whole new set of trees and their maori names. Cant remember them. let alone spell them. You'd know them.

  3. MF I sort of stumbled onto this nest. The male was flying around but mobile phone cameras don't get the best movement shot ...
    I think it's probably pinus radiata Mr Hat. Loving your New Zealand post, nice work! They use the NZ Kauri pine to build boats - the Pearl is built of Kauri.
    And yes Tom. She was watching the Aboriginal stone fish traps, where the black bream lay up on a low tide.