Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boundary Stones


  1. Pardon the indulgence Sarah, but when I saw the heading 'Boundary Stones' I just couldn't resisit..

    Major Lockyer had tramped his son to the very top of Mount Clarence in an effort to smooth things out. From the moment they stepped over the brow, however, they entered the domain of the elevated and unfettered South Coast easterly, a place long inhabited by the albatross and other, lesser, seabirds and the major found himself no more able to address his predicament than before.

    Since neither could bring themselves within speaking distance, the major considered the coastline all over again. On one side, it ran away to the east in a series of low bush-covered hills. On the other, a long finger of land tipped with a granite dome they called Bald Head, extended from the west. It was the presence of this headland which cut off the ocean’s approach and created the sound. He had only just fixed his eyes on the islands between the headland and the coast, thinking about their role in the situation they found themselves in, when the ensign came near. The major hesitated, then seized the moment.

    ‘Just us now,' he said.

    The ensign was surprisingly positive. ‘Nothing like standing at the edge of the world, is there, sir?’

    The major relaxed and the islands suddenly appeared to him like boundary stones. Protectors and limiters, keeping out the weather and keeping in all that happened.

    ‘A wild and dangerous thing, Ensign,' he said. 'But magnificent, I’ll grant you that.’

  2. Lovely image of the islands, Ciaran. The Dunn boundary is a bit further up the track, if you are asking me literally? These stones are just to keep the Winnebagoes out.

  3. love the fishing shack in the previous post,,,
    whats the little circular structure behind it?
    is it the loo?

    just wondered...

  4. I think it is the rainwater tanks John. Hopefully no one has pooed in it.