Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fishing Shacks #5


  1. These are so beautiful in their own rustic way. Filled with charm and the sting of the nearby sea.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, nice words. I loved that place when it found me. An enchanting secret in the bush.

    Allow me a momentary gloat ... Winner! Dunadin by literally a whisker and I picked the steed because I used to live in Dunedin.

    PLUS a seven letter word last night across a red square ('draining') all letters out, end game, 140 points - Scrabble friggin' Queen.

    Ok. (deep breath). Better now.

  3. Congratulations, Sarah, and I didn't even place a bet.

  4. Oh shoosh...you really must quit picking winners and flicking them at people ST...Scrabble Toa :P

    That shack is to die for and these images are brilliant!

  5. Sarah

    That's just how I'd imagined an Aussie fishin' shack to look like.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  6. Thanks Chris, it's a river fishing shack, for black bream etc.