Monday, November 21, 2011

Vardo II

Image by S. Wilson


  1. Oops! Fire is pretty, scarey too.

  2. What a devastating sight, Sarah, to see one's home go up in flames. I hope not someone you know.

  3. Oh, look. I should explain. I put this photo up a few days ago but hadn't asked permission, so I asked and then took it down while I waited for sis and spare mum to say yes!
    This is the vardo that I conceived my babies in. In fact, I believe her (pelvic) floor had fallen out and she'd been so invaded by nasturtiums and spiders that she was considered finished. So, recently Dad and the fam removed her tyres and anything plastic and filled her with twigs and torched her in the paddock.
    It's not a tragedy ... just an opportunity for an iconic image. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Sarah so glad you explained that ...because I thought it was a case of me either having déjà vu or that insanity had set in at last :) :)

  5. Wondered where that had gone - the pic looked very intriguing.

    Cracking image.