Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Text from a Toa Sister

"Nothing but cool alloy sculptures left.
Me house exploded.
i reckon i can say
i take the 
biggest explosion by a Drummond girl prize."


  1. And that is to a black powder family (just to give it some context!)

  2. I feel a bit wobbly (but not quite so wobbly as Annie today) when I think of rocking up to Annie's house and sitting on her big veranda overlooking the gorge.

    All the rooms inside were painted turquoise and red and orange with big wooden beams holding everything together and grandma's pottery on the shelves and Annie's shelves of music and books ...

    The last time I was out there she said how the place freaked her out, for fires. They got the firies out there to do a burn and, as my dad said "I think they chickened out!" She and her housemate bought a chainsaw and cleared out the place themselves. You can see the break they cleared in the photo. They still didn't stand a chance.

    People ask me if they were insured. Well no, because she didn't own the place. She was just renting. Then they sigh and say, well that's okay.
    But it's not. Folk are insured for squillions around there but the renters have lost everything they own.

  3. Ooh dear - my sympathy and condolences.

  4. Oh, sorry to read this, Sarah. No home, no walls - terrible fate, especially in the short term. But books, music, photos, family heirlooms and little knick-knacks (holding the biggest sentimental value) must be the worst...
    You have my sympathy, dear friend.
    Oh, thank goodness, your sister Annie is okay!

  5. Jesus Sarah. Poor Annie.

    My proposed action plan for fire has definitely changed in the light of recent events. I used to think I would stay and defend. Not anymore. My latest plan is to be as well informed as I can be, CB radio and even iPhone apps, find out early and get the fuck out of there!! There's no way we would stand a chance if a fire went through our area. I am so glad Annie wasn't near her house!!

  6. ABC local radio was the best source of info apparently. There was a lot of anxiety about FESA only updating their website every three hours.