Thursday, June 27, 2019

Southern Solstice

Pics by Hannah Lily and me x

Monday, June 3, 2019

Things to make smiles again

Apparently, juvenile Snow Owls have such large heads that they find it difficult to sleep while roosting ... or perhaps that is, to stay upright on their roost while asleep. They often fall from their perch high up in a barn and then they go back to sleep on the ground, face down. No really. This is not a dead owl or even a drunk owl pictured above. It's a live, sober baby owl who reckons it's safer sleeping on the ground.

Last week I received a text message from a stranger who'd lost his phone ... and his thumb. I reckon he was having a rather bad day.

 I spent a few fruitless hours thinking about a random person on the continent nursing a reattached thumb and how can you scroll or write text messages with no thumb anyway and what happened? I mean how do you even lose a thumb painting houses? Maybe he lost the phone because his thumb fell off? Was the lack of an opposable digit the reason for his haphazard spelling and grammar? Does the lack of a thumb mean more simeon than sapien? Yeah, I dunno either.

I found this on the interwebs and sent it to some mates, because who knows how to do this thing called life. It just boggles me most days. Quality instructions like the ones below remind me that waking up face-down in a barn or losing both thumb and phone in a single day are events that we are not taught how to navigate, let alone avoid.

 And finally, some things that fuel every day warm fuzzies; a squirrelling pile of tingle wood and a grinning sun dog in the sweet spot.