Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Battle of the Kangy Angy Caravan Park

It all began with an insult.
'Shrek' Jones told one of the Smith girls she'd marry a Scotsman.
The fight to avenge her honour was to be at dawn,
a mighty clash of Romany enemies beneath Australian skies.
Instead the Smiths crept up on the Jones' camp
as the midnight moonlight dappled through Eucalypti.
Old Mrs Smith threw the first punch and took down 'Shrek' Jones,
laid him out like a slab.
For that she was clouted by the Jones matriarch
and it was then that the knives came out
and the socks full of ball bearings,
the star pickets,
the machetes,
the meat cleavers,
and the hammers.
Romany Smiths and Romany Jones
saw the whites of each others' eyes
at the Kangy Angy Caravan Park.

Tall tale and true!

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  1. Sarah,

    Is it true...? Bob has gone... I have just this week returned from the Czech and whilst I knew he was sick, I didn't want to believe that Bob could be claimed by such a sickness... He had a party, a kind of farewell that I couldn't attend, and I thought, "What are you having such a party for, what do you think you're going to die?" I am just blown away... My mother's sister passed away yesterday and now this... I find myself not even wanting to describe him as "Great" because it seems my use of that word renders him in the past tense... but...ok, if he is deceased, did anyone talk in Noongar at his graveside???? Did anyone sing a Noongar song by his grave?? Did they make a fire for his spirit? He was a remarkable being - a true minang-maam southern man, in love with the land and its people... And talk about a legacy...!! I didn't know he died and if there was a eulogy I'd like to see it. I wish I had been there... I'd like to have read something, said something... Anyway thanks Sarah for letting me know of his passing... I will be sure to visit him when next time I am down south. And thanks for visiting my site... I sense you are a special friend I have not yet had the fortune in meeting... All the best Sarah,