Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Before the Storm

Okay, really I just want to show off to the whole universe - myself rowing my gorgeous, pretty, little blue NEW BOAT!!! These pics by intrepid shipmate Our Sunshine ...


  1. Lovely boat pity we couldn't see more of it! Oxford?

  2. New boat? Wont the old boat get jealous?

  3. Very cute boat. I am jealous. Well done, what are you going to do with it?? Apart from row it and take photos.....

  4. Mmmm and catch tasty fish?

    Nice purchase Sarah Toa

  5. Nothing more magical than a blue boat...

    rowing in oceans of blue...

    hope it carries you wherever you want to go...

  6. and straight into the eye of the storm, like Shackleton to South Georgia....

    heres another time waster for a selkie

    search for the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-1917 here.....


    Australian photographer Frank Hurley's Pics

  7. Albany Ramsnake! Yes Spence, the Pearl may get jealous but more about that later!
    And Michelle - I am just gonna row it and take photos and get the little outboard cranking. Too complex to think about fishing liscences and she's too cute anyway.
    juice - so far -Rock cod. Then it started raining ...
    And CQ, I just love Hurley's pictures. And thankyou for reminding me of what her name shall be.

  8. The S.S.Hurley! Reminds me of how I feel when the wine dark gets rough...