Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goodbye Paul

Paul Doquile.
"A life lived in pursuit of love, beauty and art,"
a naughty, artful street performer with a gypsy smile ...
Cafe conversations about writing plays
and babies who become teenagers just like that:
my memory of you.
Fly, my beauty!


  1. Lovely words Sarah. I didn't know him but his illness and death sure has rocked the small Denmark community. Daryl from the music shop also left the planet on the weekend. Another youngun'

  2. Lovely words for a lovely man ...

  3. I don't know this guy... But reading your post and comment above gives me a feeling that he was kind of special...

    God Bless... would love to hear more about him!!

  4. So, so sorry to hear this news, Sarah. A great loss to Paul's friends and community. Thinking of you and your loss.

  5. thanks Barbara, I saw Paul about two months ago and had no idea he was so ill. It's strange to think about last goodbyes in the way of a passing conversation. But he was a big man in spirit and always around and chose Denmark as his ground for a good part of his life. We will miss him.

  6. Dear Paul,

    I have only known you for a couple of months back in 1989 when I stayed in your place in Leederville Perth while working in Fremantle. I was a young Dutch boy searching for himself and found in you a truly great and musical friend who dared to be different.
    I did not know until now that you passed away. This is a real shocker. May you rest in peace and thanks for your kindness, friendship, sense of humor and much, much more.

    Martijn te Pas
    The Netherlands