Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help Save Our Sound

We are blogging to Save Our Sound from dredging, infilling the last piece of natural coastline on the southside of the harbour and dumping the (possibly) mercury-infested spoils inside King George Sound.

Yes. This is my WineDark go at garnering supporters, followers and commenters.
And think about it - clicking on 'follow this blog' makes helping our cause so much easier than standing in the rain collecting signatures.
We'd like hundreds of followers, from all over the world, so we can send the link to every single Grange Resources shareholder and board member and show them just how unsexy we think their portfolio is.

Here's the link. Save Our Sound

For more information on the international makeup of Grange Resources, check out Michelle's post on A Cave by the Sea, "Selling off, Selling Out."


  1. The Sound has my support. I have seen lots of petitions in the shops around Albany, all with many signatures, one of which is mine.

  2. Only one?
    I think Tony has at least 1000 to present this week.
    The Sound is worthy of support. Thanks.

  3. As you know I have blogged about this in 'selling off, selling out'. I have also written to the minister to register my concerns which might be worth doing as the pipeline proposal hasn't actually been approved my knowledge - so it is still worth writing and this is the link"

  4. Just an update on my last comment - unfortunately the pipeline has been approved, not that long ago....

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