Friday, December 10, 2010

American Jihad

It's funny, I remember sane people being alarmed at extremists who threatened to kill, dismember, imprison or financially destroy journalists or writers who published something subversive.
Thanks for staying sensible about where responsibility for the leaks lie, Rudd, even though you got burned too. No thanks to our Prime Minister. Her views on an Australian citizen (who may motivate the world to 'play nice', even behind each other's backs) immediately and unthinkingly toadied to a powerful U.S. government interested in protecting their own little power enclave. Hopefully she has been rethinking her position as of the last few days and will actually start to lead and stop following.
It's a great opportunity, Julia Gillard.


  1. And to think that the w.w.w. was designed for the security services, in order to survive a nuclear attack. It's biting them in the arse now, at the same time as their tail is being pulled by an Australian.