Friday, February 11, 2011

Kundip Shack # 2

 Suddenly the Japanese garden of reeds and quartz was surrounded by a pad and trusses ...  and then a cedar-ridden shack!

On the other side of the wall facing the sea, we screeded levels, barrowed in sand and then drove off into the night to find some more ...

 Rare earth. Kundip earth glows pink with the magenta light of dusk.

 Centre of the universe.

Melaluca and moort forest communes with corry iron.
A blast from the past looking through my father's old shed windows.


  1. I am confused - entranced but confused. A floor which sprouts old jetsam, including crab claws?

  2. Oh no, no tom. That's the ground outside, not inside the shack. The jetsam is quartz and the crab claws are the seed pods of the moorts. Not clear about that, sorry!

  3. Looks great, doesn't it..

    Plenty of peace to be had there, by the looks.

  4. We got rid of a lot of stuff but may still have some bits for your shed that you are welcome to grab. I will have a scout around under the house.

  5. Cheers Michelle. Hardwood is always handy.

  6. Lovin' your shack. How come the base course for the underfloor is done like that?