Sunday, July 24, 2011

Burned Hot and Bright: Amy Winehouse

For those who have no knowledge of Amy Winehouse other than the Woman's Day or New Idea images of her falling out of nightclubs and into police cars, her beehive and Cleopatra makeup skewed, her rehab vision screwed ...

... find a copy of Black to Black. Light the fire, pour yourself a glass of good red and listen to the girl. It will be a revelation, I promise you.

Amy Winehouse may be cavorting and jamming with a tribe of self-combusting genius women the ilk of Billie Holiday, Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin tonight. Imagine it. 

I feel terribly sad about her death. I once watched a video of Janis Joplin stamping her spangled heels on the   stage ... Why oh why oh why ... and the woman next to me, who was at least twenty years my senior, expressed outrage and anger and sadness that such a freakishly talented woman could just be removed from our world by something so banal as drugs. Her words, about Janis dying like that, have stayed at the back of my mind and revisited today.

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  1. I was sad about this and it's saddened a lot of people I've talked to about it. Sad because she's so young and sad because most of us didn't expect it. She was in a bad place but few saw this coming. You're never that far away from something going wrong when you take so much of that stuff. I guess that's the message.
    No judgement there, just a thought.