Saturday, February 18, 2012


 Yesterday we made our way to Dunsky's to catch whiting, past the cliffs ...

Past "The Eyes" at Forsyth's Bluff ...

Past the murder scene, where the burnt out four wheel drive landed, crouching on the granite ...

 Past the turquoise of Shelley Beach and into Dunskys Bay.

We set some nets and watched as the smoke from a fire at the Cape suddenly obscured the sky.

On the way home, mutton birds and albatrosses worked the whitebait and sardines. The big ocean birds waddled across the skin of the water after fish, took off into the sky, settled again. Mutton birds buzzed the boat, sheared so close to me that one nearly touched my hair.

"I'll do the next season at Pallinup," said Old Salt. "Then I might just finish up. Though pullin' up these big bastards of whiting makes me think I'll hand up me boots when I hang down me head. Days like this I wouldn't call the king my uncle."


  1. Great pics ST...the masses of granite, the deep blue and the creeping eeriness...
    all in a days work!

  2. That place is arresting haunting beautiful and you have captured that essence very well.

  3. Chuckle. Those old guys have some great expressions.

    Awesome rocks. I spy a couple of paintings in there.

  4. Right! That's it!! I'm moving out there asap.

  5. Go on then, Chris!
    Its hard not to take great photos out there, motoring past the monoliths.
    A great day and offshore, Mr Hat, the wind blowing off the land, so it was fairly quiet seas and we could get right into the cliffs without being barnacle bait.

  6. Offshore but no swell? Arrrrggghhhh

  7. Amazing pictures, Sarah. Love the one of the'eyes' - spooky.

  8. Thanks Molly, it wasn't really spooky on the day but those rock people sure look ominous. I think it was the fires too.

  9. Love the way the water changes colour, steely against the granite, matt grey against the smoky sky and that turquoise between the blue and clear sandy bottom. Neat.

  10. Thanks Barbara.
    Ciaran it's strange to see how photos turn out because on the boat I always wear polarised sunglasses. With them, the skin of the water disappears, so I'm never sure how the pictures will turn out 'til I look at them later.

  11. They're something else, these photos. I keep coming back, haunted by those eyes maybe, the whole grey oily mass of that sea and those cliffs. If you're in mind of the sealers, they're awesome. What kind of wild place fronts an edge like that? On days like the one shown here there's almost a friendliness about the way the sea meets the rocks, a camaraderie of colours and texture, the soft surface of their benign selves. A mask even..