Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sea Shroom

I saw some mushrooms yesterday that I have never seen before. They'd burst out of a sand track above the beach. Freak fungi? Maybe they've been doing it for millennia. I always thought that fungi thrived on organic matter but the sand these optimistic folk sprung from is burned in a crucible of salty onshore winds, seasonal bush fires and little rain.


  1. Salt tolerant fungi? Amazing. You have your very own Perigord truffles down there too. Train up a pig?

    1. Hang on... the sand around the stems looks very disturbed...

    2. I think they use dogs here, Tom.
      They are quite amazing aren't they? It was a nice surprise to find them, pure sand, little or no organic matter. There were three, that I saw. The disturbance around the base makes me think they literally burst out overnight.