Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Look - that's where I live.
 I have a story inside this Creative Nonfiction's Australia issue. I got a copy in the mail yesterday, along with an American 'check' that I have no idea what to do with. Put it in the bank I suppose. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll keep it for a little while and just look at it a lot.

It's a pretty cool thing to see your stories in print. Even after the ego trip, text on paper makes the whole exercise feel real. Like ... it is real. (You know, for someone who writes stuff, I am feeling terrible inarticulate today.) Anyway, there is some great writing in there. The roundup of eminent and emerging Australian writers is pretty interesting, to see how others view us and who they consider to be the Australian masters of the creative nonfiction form. There are stories of living in an underground house in Coober Pedy and bora bora rings and Captain Cook and, yes, fishing too. Lee Gutkind, editor of Creative Nonfiction reckons Australia is full of true stories so wild and unpredictable that you just couldn't make them up ...

And big thanks to Ms PoW over at the most wonderful Plume of Words for nominating my story. You champ!

Creative Nonfiction, Fall 2012, Issue 46.


  1. That's great, Sarah. May there be many more.

  2. Thanks Tom, it is a nice reprieve after a year of rejection emails.

  3. Congratulations again, this is indeed terrific news. I have been meaning to get a copy of the Australian edition - well done you!

  4. Awesome Sarah. Well done (again!) Which story is in there, or is it one we don't know about?

    1. Thanks Melba and MF. Melba, you may find a copy somewhere. I don't know where they sell them in Australia. and MF, it is a blog story, about the morning out crabbing, when Old Salt and I pulled Aunty Jack out of the water.