Saturday, January 26, 2013

Days of the great flood

"Mokare related to me today that a very long time ago, the sea came in and covered all the country for a long way. Porongorup was under water. Mt Lindsay and Mt Manypeaks remained specks, little islands. Mt Hallowell was completely covered. The sea went back with the north wind. No Black Fellow had been drowned, all having run in time to the little spots on the few mountain tops which continued dry. The wallibi, bandycoots and other animals having run in great abundance to the same places to shelter, they fared well. There were living at this time a Black man and woman named Mendeeyerin and Yotogitepart or Yetopurt."

Captain Barker, King George Sound, 1830.


  1. Two by two - the tribes of Australia predate the Creationsists by about 38,990 years and 280 days, I believe.

  2. Just more evidence that there are archetypes that are expressed in cultural 'myths' - 'the flood'. We used to take my Aboriginal art students out to Yoolberup (Mt Manypeaks), to the farm that was given back to the local people. I used to tell them that the area was once flooded (info I got from the Kinjarling Report of course, not my knowledge or history). One time Vern showed us some marine shells archaeologists had found in the corner of the farm. Myth is so often based on truth. You can also see the network of lakes left behind when you stand on top of the hills there.

  3. Yes ... Maybe Mt Manypeaks and the Knoll were the Mt Ararat of the south ...