Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Missive from the Vandemonian Flanagan

A 'bonza bloke, and my good mate'. That's Phillip Adams' description of Richard Flanagan who has just won the Man Booker for his his novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North.
I woke up this morning with the news on the radio because I'm a Radio National geek but I don't often wake up to this kind of good news. Normally, it's war or car accidents.
A Vandemonian won the Man Booker! He bloody won! He won!


  1. I've read the Basho version, but I expect you know that already. War, car accidents or death on the Burmese railway - there's fun to be had in all of it.

  2. I've not read Basho, except for a few haiku scattered throughout Flanagan's book.

  3. I read the book and didn't love it as you might remember but I am really happy for him that he won. Just been shortlisted for the PM prize. He'll win that too. No mystery in any of it, other than the MF. What happened there I wonder? x

    1. Perhaps the book is a bit polarising. My sister couldn't get into it either.
      Yes, I wonder?

    2. I had to include Adams' quote because he is such a shocking name-dropper.