Saturday, June 13, 2015

"the algae bloom of everyday camouflage"

Here's a link to a piece of non fiction that I would like to have written: The Riflemaker Dreams of Africa, by Matthew Clark.

It's one of those big, fat, sprawling social history/road stories. I've had a crack at them before, in a less committed manner than Clark, through my interviews or work with old whalers, pigeon fanciers and fisher folk. This work of narrative non fiction reminds me that I can do better.

Image: Michael Doyle, The American, 2013. Courtesy Somerville Manning Gallery


  1. I've just read it and thought it brilliant. Now I'm utterly frustrated because I've never heard of him before and can't find anything else he's written.

  2. Yes me too Pete. Maybe he really is a full-time carpenter and that story was a one off, or maybe he hasn't been published much yet.
    BUT, your comment led me to your own writing which is just wonderful. Wow! what a find.