Sunday, May 27, 2018



  1. Seriously flawed management strategies. Facebook's been running hot on the topic of 'controlled' prescribed burns. Anyone even slightly observant of the weather wouldn't have lit these fires. People need to start suing the government for compensation - then they might look into it.

    1. People already do sue for compo, Michelle. Then we pay for it.
      Anyway, this started as a private burn, one of about 95% of the fires on Thursday/Friday.

    2. Well maybe we need to sue the idots who light fires on private property as well then Sarah. I watched as my neighbour had a 10ft high flame going under the trees the day before the storm came through. Can't believe the stupidity. I nearly called the Ranger - but then I'd be a dobber and in Australia that's tantamount to a being a national traitor.