Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Burn Booty

Out of the ashes rose mushrooms like loaves of bread. Within a day of the burn the Stonemakers appeared, stark against the black earth, calling to us.

Perhaps you can see how dinnerplatebig they are from the nearby tree trunk. The Stonemakers are a shock to the eyes and mind after the burn, and in November too. There is a reason they are called Stonemakers and more of that later.

                                                                 Dunny cans!

         Wheelbarrow!! With a working wrought iron wheel!!

                                                            Grass Trees, water trees ...

... and then the Banksias opening their pods to the world, loving the burn, time to spread seed.

Kangaroo Paws sprouting a garden of cockatoo feather leaves, only seven days after fire ...


  1. Fantastic. That wheelbarrow is a gem. In this country Gypsies would set small fires in woods to encourage the growth of Morell mushrooms. It works. Someone torched a car near me and the next Spring brought them up. Never seen before or since.

    1. Yes I'm hoping to find some morels. They are supposed to pop up here too after a fire.

  2. Wow - the colours and forms are amazing. And a bit weird! Can I have the wheelbarrow if you don't want it? But of course you do.....