Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Daily commute

Laundromat today ... a power point, an internet connection and a desk full of trash mags makes me a happy lady. A working washing machine completes the deal:

Below are pictures I took yesterday on my way to work:


  1. Just think - someone had to carry the concrete up there without steps.

  2. I know! And all the bricks to build the tower. It's a communications tower too. Recently two technicians came up to do some work and when they got to the top, realised they'd left the tower keys in the car at the bottom of the hill. They were very pleased to see me there.

    1. You should have pretended that you were locked in.

  3. I had a temporary job back in the eighties, installing wooden(jarrah) steps on the Bluff Knoll trail. We lugged them up on our shoulders, installed them and creosoted them. Sounds onorous but was actually one of the more pleasant jobs I have had. This was preceded with three weeks of weeding the trails at the Porngurups. It was great being thirty something. Rick Fleckner.