Friday, November 27, 2020


 This is a 'what I did today' kind of post.

I woke up with a hangover and the associated anxiety that jogs alongside it. Decided to give up drinking forever or at least for the next month. Then I realised that that next month was December and giving up alcohol in December might not be such a great idea. I lay in bed and listened to the shrieks and hollers of the mob who were finishing two weeks of guiding groups of up to twenty school kids through the wilderness. My dog was missing. She always goes on a surveillance mission around my house just after dawn but this morning, yes, definitely missing.

Buses and cars sounded their reverse beeps and, lying in bed, I could hear them stacking canoes and loading boats onto trailers and whooping hello to returning crew. It is my first day off after working ten days straight for Parks and Wildlife on the radios and phones during the beginning of the burn season.

Yesterday was hectic. Obviously I can't write about that because *government department*. We have to sign something to say we won't write about our jobs. So .. today, I got out of bed and thought once again that when we work the radios during bushfire emergencies, making sure planes don't crash into each other etc. that daily debriefs could be a going concern for us. Of course I never actually wrote that here.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face. then I turned to Netflix and watched the latest episode of Fargo and then the last one of Wallander. Give me a break here. This was after I'd done the dishes and folded clothes and it was after I'd spent a week and a half at work. I've been treating my house like it's a hotel and it's so nice to be home. Cut up and salted some more cabbage for sauerkraut. Chopped wood. Carried water.


  1. The drink was the debrief. I lagged the outside tap today ready for winter.

    1. Good point about the debrief, I just don't remember any of my conclusions.

  2. I feel the relationship between alcohol and socialising is irreconcilable. Luckily I'm anti-social so it was easy for me to stop drinking. Nothing worse than being at an event sobre when everyone is talking too much shit.

    Yes working for the government is very frustrating. If I wrote what I REALLY wanted to on my blog I'd probably be charged with some offence or other - giving up state secrets maybe. But they can't arrest me for saying they are c**ts because of it.

  3. I have signed the Official Secrets Act at least three times, and I have signed confidentiality agreements which would bankrupt me should I break them. I like a little drink when I finally get home, social or anti-social.