Friday, March 5, 2021

Weird and wonderfuls of the wild



  1. Such a unique landscape. And these estuaries and inlets so different from the coast.

    1. Yes totally. These pics are from the south east side of the inlet, so the furthest from the sea. Over the other side, closer to the mouth, the beaches are white sand and there's not the drowned trees, or trees conditioned to living half their lives underwater. And the stone formations on SE side of the inlet are insane. They change in structure every hundred metres or so, from basalt to granite to a kind of stone that looks like coral. I always get a sense of being in an otherworldly portal, when out for a walk.

  2. Great collection of photos Sarah. The stones look a bit like cutting stones the indigenous people might have used. And those trees! Doing everything they can just to survive. Sometimes it works for them, sometimes it doesn't...

  3. Wow. Amazing pics,Sarah :)