Thursday, May 6, 2021

Cockle bottle

 A baby cockle walks into a bottle:

Just found this in an old bottle collection that we are collating. The very image stinks of poetics and story telling, yes? 'Double shell', said a friend who understands filter feeders. 'No octopus would ever get to this cockle.' She paused. 'It would have been safe from predators for  its whole life.' We were cooking dinner together. We looked at the bottle again. 'It's just so sad,' she said. 'Its whole life ...'


  1. That is amazing. I had never thought of growing a bi-valve in a bottle before. This time no tricks with collapsing rigging pulled up by cotton thread. There is a pub in Purbeck, Dorset here called The Cock and Bottle. It always sounded like an embarrassing medical emergency to me.

    1. It is amazing! My mind was blown when I first saw it. I turned the bottle upside down looking for the cut and glue marks. Nothing. We think the bottle must have been chucked overboard, an infant mollusc climbed through the neck for a safe haven and then spent the rest of its life living inside this bottle. One day it washed up on a beach.

  2. Safety inside a bottle. The bottle washing up on a beach intact after sloshing about at sea. All very coincidental.

  3. Perfect. Represents the Aussies hiding behind safe borders cos they believe the conspiracy theories.