Saturday, March 2, 2024

'Knows a cool vet'

Today I was driving home and all along the Inlet gravel track were these signs.


Some were sticky-taped to trees and others were attached to signs and flapping in the late afternoon wind. They all were made on A4 paper and somebody had obviously made quite a lovely stencil of a white ant and then sprayed the white paper with blue spray paint. Road directions to a bush doof perchance?

Bush doofs happen out this way occasionally and the spotter pilot mentioned today that there were a lot of cars around the area. But then I was nearly home and saw this sign outside Yowie's hut.

I sent a message to my son Stormboy, who used to live at Youngs Siding (apologies to the apostrophe police), about two hundred kilometres away. 'Do you know anything about this?'

'He's wearing his heart on his sleeve. I like him. Knows a cool vet ha ha.'

So many questions like ... how do tissues solve white ant issues?


  1. Let us know when you find out. I am completely puzzled by all of it.

    1. Anything todo with ketamine? The cool vet made me think of this...

    2. Nothing to do with ketamine! Apparently the guy who wrote the signs has had a recent run of bad luck re his dogs. One swallowed a squid jig. So he knows a good vet.