Friday, December 19, 2008

And it's a Poguemahone Christmas to Yer!

I would post a Christmas song for you, my very most bestest favorite, if I could navigate the link thing! (I will work on that one again, when past the Luddite-rage stage.) The song features Kirsty McColl, in a duet with his sodden handsomeness, Shane MacGowan, who collects together aviator sunglasses, his usual random assortment of bad teeth, and that mad genius Celtic/punk ensemble that are The Pogues - to sing The Fairy Tale of New York.

Kirsty McColl died eight years ago in a scuba diving accident, when she was run down by a Mexican supermarket millionaire driving a speedboat. Shane McGowan usually looks like he is three days settled into morgue ice but is still quite alive.
Happy Christmas friends, stay safe, may your wake be straight, watch out for scuba divers and eat as much yummy food as you can stuff down yer gullet!


  1. ah, sure, i can't get it to work neither. have a look at this:

  2. pogues - yr post sent me back to some old videos for a bit of torture. watching this once-perfect singer now wet-brained and adolescent is really really sad. but somehow you get the feeling it isn't fame, but this man's life would've been one of self-abuse no matter what. it just so happened that he sang like a broken angel.
    if you also want to torture yourself, have a look at some of the interviews on yu tube.
    but happy christmas, babe,
    i can see a better time, when all our dreams come true...

  3. I could put on the video, I suppose. I think it calls for the techie Boy Wonder, but there's been a mad westerly over here and he's been AWOL for two days. I reckon Ocean Beach. Maybe Nanarup.
    Yes- wet brained. What a shame, coz he was so handsome and erudite to begin with, wasn't he!

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  5. haha!
    handsome in a rotten potato kind of way!

  6. I do like the idea that 'kiss my arse' (poguemahone) sounds vaguely like 'christmas'.

  7. Sarah, thanks for the good wishes and all that but I have listened to the Pogues and I HATE that guy's singing! Each to their own.

  8. Just love the boy ... in the same cracked way I love Tom Waits and Cave and Cohen and Cash. It's the broken angel - the busted up bastard - the compromised genius. Human frailty to be laid on a plate, chopped into little bits and served to the crow gods. (More about them later). x

  9. no luck with the audio?

    (word verification: subduco -it's the first layer of primer beneath the duco. like subcutaneous, but for cars.)