Friday, February 5, 2010


One of my favourite blogs is Bibliodyssey, and I am adding the link to Phosphorescence (below the moon on a WineDark Sea). The creator of this blog combs digital archives for images arcane, exotic and extraordinary. Here are some sparkly bits ...

A post on Indian folk art.
The Night Life of Trees,
Art by Bhajju shyam, Durga Bai and Ram Singh Urveti.
Design by Gita Wolf and Rathna Ramanathan.
Copyright Tara Books Pvt. Ltd, 2006.

A post on the art of Yuko Shimizu. Draft, intermediate and completed illustrations. Copyright Yuko Shimizu.

A post on book illustrations.
Cover illustration by R.Crumb, published by Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa.
Bring Me All Your Love, Charles Bukowski, 1983.

A post on nuclear power plant wall charts.
Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant: Twin unit PWR station located at Daya Bay, People's Republic of China. Wall chart insert. Nuclear Engineering International, September 1987.

A post on beastly botanicals.

'Ausberg. this manuscript features eccentric plant renderings and quite obviously refers to the Medieval herbal tradition ... the handwritten text is variously in Latin, German and Italian and the manuscript is made out of paper.'


  1. Ey! thank you for the comment about my work! :)
    Well..i am not that so young anymore,Sarah.
    And the artist you made a link on your blog is great!


  2. Thanks Jericho, if it is the Bibliodyssey post you are referring too, then it is an anthology of artists previously published in books. But there are some good links - Zeb Shine and also Silvia Huege de Serville - Aussie/New Zealand artists. Their work is wonderful.

  3. Ummm, not just a quick look blog is it. Gonna have to set some time aside to check it out properly!

  4. It certainly isn't a quick read Ramsnake, but definitely worth bookmarking for later...