Saturday, February 20, 2010

Indigo Girl

Out of the letterbox and into my sweaty hands came volume 5 of indigo yesterday. Indigo is a biannual journal of Western Australian writing. Issue launches are always exciting but even more so this time, because there are two of my stories in there!
Delys Bird does a great interview with Tim Winton and there are poems, short stories, reviews and essays / non fiction. My story 'Toxicity' is in the fiction section and 'High Times at the Hotel Desiccation' in the non fiction. (I had to think about that one. Being a spinner of ripping yarns means 'fact' and 'fiction' are mercurial media for me. I get carried away every time. Actually both stories could paddle happily in either genre!)
These stories were posted on A WineDark Sea but I took them down, when I submitted to indigo. So, if you want to read sex, drugs and fatal attraction, or the mad happenings at an isolated Pilbara roadhouse, then buy the book! It's out now.


  1. I think A and R, or the Singing Tree. I reckon the Mary Rose in Denmark would have some copies. :)

  2. Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I know a published author!

  3. I await, with bated breath, for my copy to arrive in the mail. Congratulations, Sarah. Well done!

  4. Congratulations Sarah.

    Will see if I can pick up a copy.

  5. thanks for your comments and encouragement! Sontag, I think it will be available online. Have you seen 'Island'? That's the Tasmanian anthology that indigo based their format on. It's much the same structure - and a really good read!

  6. I think I have seen Island in the past. A very timely reminder though. Thanks.

    Will check out indigo online too.

  7. another published author I meant to say!

  8. Yes, well Ramsnake. I was going to tell you exactly how many authors live in this area. There are heaps. Must be something in the water, or the granite ...

  9. indigo arrived in the post.
    read the two sarah pieces.
    tightly written
    full of emotion