Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Out!

Yes, it is out! The bulky blue book was delivered to my doorstep by courier early in the morning. Holding this book in my sweaty hands was an exciting enough moment to get Storm Boy out of bed before 7am. He has been traumatised ever since, poor child ... 
Anyway, I'll give you the blurb: 

"This year's Best Australian Essays offers riveting snapshots of the nation's 'current loves and angers, its art and myths and amusements and gender concerns - and its propensity for bushfires.' From Alex Miller's on the creative imagination to Mark Dapin on crime myths, from Amanda Hooton on Miss Universe to Tim Flannery on the inner lives of animals, this is a collection that takes the pulse of the nation's writers and thinkers and finds them in rude health. A deeply satisfying collection for that long summer read."

 From Yours of Rude Health.

Here's the link:


  1. This is truly great news! I cannot wait to get my hands on it to have a read. Well done!

  2. And you're in it Sarah? If so, let me know if I can get a copy in the UK!

  3. Yes I am Tom, and thanks for your comments too Tim and Michelle. I think you'll have to buy it online Tom but you may find it tucked away somewhere there!

  4. Congratulations!

    Hey, before I go to the bookshop...(it's not that close)...what is your essay about?

    Regardless, I look forward to reading it.

    A fabulous effort Ms Toa!

  5. Brilliant Sarah!

    Went searching over the weekend to see if it was in store...slightly prematurely...can't wait :)

  6. Good luck with finding it instore ... Can't find it anywhere in Albany.
    A whinge :) I'm a bit over ordering books from bookshops when they take six weeks to get it in, if they've remembered to press 'send' on the order. And then they freak out about amazon and others. Why don't they lift their game then?
    Sontag, the essay is not even what I would call an essay but Robert Drewe said "Essay smessay. Loved it." It's a series of short pieces about working up north in a very isolated Pilbara hotel. It was like living in a boat or a caravan, alonside strippers, corrupt cops, geologists and an alcoholic camel.
    One of my fave books shops by the way is the Astrolabe in Hobart. Yummy yummy stuff.

  7. Thanks Sarah. Poor camel...:)

    Will have a look about when I'm in "town" later this week. Books arrive quickly here.

    Will look for Astrolabe too...found some book surprises at the Tip Shop's Collectables store.

    Congrats again.

  8. Many congratulations, Sarah - by what I have read on this blog, you richly deserve to be in that book. I will look out for a copy on the net - I love good, Australian writing, somehow it has something going all of it's own, and yours is the best .

  9. Aw thanks Tom! Yes these essays are great. There is a cracker about the Miss Universe contest. Also, Nicholas Rothwell is one of my fave Australian writers who writes a lot of the Northern Territory and has a great story about Aboriginal 'magic men' and a peculiar form of 'psychic warfare'. It's good stuff.

  10. I read something years ago, written as a sort of autobiography by an Australian woman, and I remember her talking about her prim, 1950s mother who did the housework in the nude during the hot weather - does that ring a bell? The one-line insults were amazing.

  11. Can't remember offhand Tom. But I'm throwing it out there. Does anyone else?

  12. Hi Sarah, this is great news my dear!!! (3 exclamation marks!) I had a look on The Book Depository ( and they have sold out unfortunately. But congratulations again and again...

  13. 4 Exclamation marks?! You can never have too many. Thanks Spencer