Friday, November 5, 2010

Pacific Gulls



  1. Nice - shame they are not so pacific when roosting in the middle of Bath in the breeding-season...

  2. Must have come in for the storm??? I usually only see these guys when the weather is going to be rough.

  3. Nice shots too. Looks cold, but November it shouldn't be..

  4. i love these shots, especially the feel of the color!

  5. Tom, I think these are different gulls that the Bath gulls, maybe not. they are more aloof, open sea kind of bird. the brown ones are their young.
    MF, we often see them out fishing. They are the ones who drop the turban shells onto the rocks, smashing them to get the meat out.
    These guys, I held a pilchard out for them and they flew above me for a while but they were a bit too shy to take it out of my hand.
    Thanks Doreen and Ciaran, for yopur comments too!

  6. Great shots ST...especially love the top two.

    We've had a couple of random seagulls hanging around town for ages - dunno what is going on for far from the coast...just weird!

    Suspect they have given up and joined the pesky pigeon colony