Friday, December 2, 2011

Three Interesting Things

 Remnants of the past ... these net racks used to be in every commercial fisherman's backyard and salmon beach. They were for drying the heavy hemp or cotton nets after being tanned in big drums of boiling grass tree resin and water, and also to clean out sea weed after a beach seine shot. The net racks tended to disappear when the fishers began to use monfilament but this one is still standing at Windy Harbour.

Quongdongs, bush tucker extraordinaire! I was driving out to Kundip with one of the local elders on Tuesday. She kept slowing as we got near the Phillips River. "No, not there." She'd speed up again and then slow on the next corner. "Here, here." And 'Here' we wandered through a little forest of Quongdongs. I'd like to plant some at my place.

Redback spider. Danger danger, that jagged red stripe screams. I haven't seen one that big and red for a long time. Kundip seems to harbour a few invertebrate nasties like redbacks and scorpians.

And that is my show and tell for today!


  1. I have heard that redbacks like hiding underneath toilet (dunny?) seats! A friend of mine imported about 8 Mini Mokes into Britain from Oz, and when he got them out of the container, he found a reback's nest underneath one of them...

  2. Quondongs look tasty. What do they taste like Sarah?

    It's the big hairy spiders that creep me out, and the really aggressive ones.

    Are redbacks the same as black widows?

  3. Aw Tom! Nasty!
    Okay Merc, not nasty ... (shrugs, wry grin, stamps one under her Blundstone.)
    They've got a big kernal inside, Chris and they are quite sweet. Energy food. Some folk make jam out of them.
    I don't know anything about redback's sexual appetites.

  4. Lovely show & tell. I would love to be able to find the quandongs, I have never seen them.

    I love the redbacks colours. They are very common - you can find them without looking too hard but that one is a beauty.

  5. I feel a post coming on - 'Ever fucked a redback?' Followed by 'Did yer like it?'

  6. Bloody Redbacks, hate 'em. Them quandongs though, did you try one? Were they ripe? What are they like inside?

    Too many questions? But I have to know Sarah, I just have to...

  7. Okay, I should have read the posts first..