Saturday, March 24, 2012

Like a Song

Someone said to me this afternoon that pianos must be the only piece of furniture that does not observe the two person removalist rule - a fine critique on the nature of pianos!

But I didn't have to do anything. At exactly eleven am, four carloads of blokes pulled up across the road, sauntered over and loaded the piano onto the trailer. A grand effort. My heartfelt thanks go out to them - and the wives and mothers who inspired or coerced them to do it. Yay guys!


  1. I'm guessing it has a steel frame. Oh well, a wooden one wouldn't have survived so long in tune in your part of the world.

  2. Kooee Mr Shifter!

  3. :) Not surprised to find out that you are popular enough to attract all those helpful blokes.

  4. Dunno Tom, the castors just scored holes in the floor, rather than rolled anywhere fast, so maybe it is steel frame? And it isn't in tune - but that is another long story.
    Spot on Chris! Except these blokes didn't even stop for a cup of tea.
    The thing about the piano, WY and MF, is that it really didn't have much to do with me. I just looked after it for a few years and was very, very happy to see it leave in one piece, with love (yes, even when the husband says "She told me she wants that paino. And I told her, 'We already have a fucking piano.' 'But I want Bob's piano!' So here we fucking are, moving another fucking piano.")

  5. You are more generous than I ST. I would say to said piano lover, well, it's your responsibility now. But then I do have this thing about people being responsible for their own shit - makes me quite unpopular at times.

  6. Today I'm doing the last of the work here. I've been thinking that after three and a half years of looking after someone else's life, I'm completely ready to move on!

  7. Good for you! (re: your comment about ready to move on) I think it's best to move on when you're really ready, as there are fewer regrets.