Monday, January 6, 2014

I would have married Catweazle

"I wanted to marry Catweazle."

I shouted this to my boss yesterday while he was up against a dastardly weed tree with a petrol hedge-trimmer, me holding his wobbly ladder straight.

"Catweazle? That guy?"
"Yep. Definitely. Would have married him."

He swept through the tree in a two-stroke swathe. Limbs, twigs and leaves of the feral plant fell around my sunglasses. I gathered their bits into the wheelbarrow and when he came down from the ladder he was still thinking about it and said:
"That's kinda weird Sarah. How old were you then?"

I was about nine when I fell in love with Catweazle.
Catweazle had Touchwood for a friend, plus a fox. And some rabbits. He could talk to the animals. He had a beard that was soft and white, and eyes that knew, and he lived in a forest hideaway that could be stumbled upon if you were a girl child who knew where to look.

You know, if Catweazle were alive and gave me that sideways eye right now I would fall in love with him all over again.


  1. Used to love it too. Touchwood, where art thou?

  2. Thanks Ciaran. I was beginning to think I was just being creepy.

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  4. My whole family loved Catweazle. Elec-trickery and Telling Bone were two of my Dad's favourite words.
    Do you realise that Carrot's father was played by Charles "Bud" Tingwell?
    One scene that I have have always remembered is what Catweazle said in reference to the death of King Harold at the Battle of Hastings: "Nay, t'was grit in his eye, The arrow was in his chest."

  5. haha I"m not sure I wanted to marry him! but definitely woulda liked to have hung out!