Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sylvestris - living in the forest

 Just wait around for a short while and nature will throw on an event for you. I didn't have a camera the day this lady's lover arrived but I did see him and he was dapper. Cryptostylus ovata, or the Slipper Orchid, has a wasp for a lover. There are small forests of the orchids over near the burn.

Billardiera or what Noongar call Cummock are a tasty little bush food, that is glorious this year, straight outside the front door.

I know when the sea eagle is about: the seagulls start carrying on. There was a herring frame down on the beach and everyone wanted a piece of it. Seagulls out my way have probably never seen a hot chip. Their diet is pure bush food. Seagulls harried the eagle who swooped around for half an hour and then the crows joined in. Cawk ... cawk!

Finally Selkie joined the fray. She hates anyone who is after her fish, even if she's not interested in eating it herself. I think the rest felt the same but I was all good, cooking up herring fillets in a fry pan.

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