Monday, April 5, 2021

Some thoughts after reading a novel all day

 Firstly, how privileged am I to be able to read a novel all day, uninterrupted by anything but long weekend bush warriors doing jet ski burnouts.

It's been grey skies for days. My solar powered batteries have been so depleted that the inverter gave up the ghost. 'The fuse has blown' was my first thought. But logic kicked in. No sun, no inverter, no satellite, no mobile phone, no internet, no lights. Still have hot water and cooking facilities though. Turn it off and then on again, after the sun has been out for a little while.

Tomatoes are finished for the season. The green ones with white star bottoms straight to the kitchen sink window sill to ripen. Who even thought to use cable ties to stake them? Was that really me using single use plastics? Now I need secateurs to cut the cable ties and then I have to chuck said ties in the bin! Fuck.

Thank god for that ball of string and a pair of scissors.

Good intentions and a strong mind. These sentiments both enhance and cancel out the other.

Are there still cloakrooms?

At the bar, my ex says 'We're taking bets for $100 if the barmaid will take off her top.' I say, 'For a hundred I could buy our son a trampoline, but cool cool.' Later as I walk home alone I see him and his mates drive by in a matt black Valiant.

Spiky plants are the Bear Grylls of this country.

Someone at the Easter Sunday markets yesterday was selling home dentistry kits for twenty bucks. I thought they were grooming kits inside the fold out case, until I saw the mirror-on-a-stick. Definitely home dentistry kits.

Piero del Pollaiuolo's Apollo and Daphne. How can we possibly see this image as romantic, when he is prising apart her knees and she is literally grounded to the spot, unable to move? It's disturbing, to me anyway.

Cops, telling us not to park our cars where we normally do while we work the fire season because they're parked up there with guns, bullet proof vests and body cameras, all  on a penalty rates Easter weekend junket watching a bikie mob on their run down south. Ahem. 

Very important men. All of them.

I miss being at sea. This is why I miss being at sea.


  1. I feel guilty about cable ties, but they are so useful for some things. Those important cops use them as handcuffs.

    1. I once had a moment with my son in law, when coming out of a hardware store with some cable ties and a roll of gaffer tape.

    2. My excuse was 'kids, I need a boyfriend. Help me out here.'

    3. Ha ha! In my day it was a rope and a blanket.

  2. Life is simpler at sea. No doubt about that.

  3. Home dentistry. Hmm. Many years ago I knew a scientist who lost a filling while he was in a remote field location. He filled the gap with Araldite, and his dentist was less than pleased.

    I'm not sure whether your excuse for the cable ties and gaffer tape is priceless or disturbing (possibly both?) :-)

    1. Ha ha yes, I'll bet the dentist had to buy a new drill after that job.

      And I admit, I was playing the mother in law monster, just a little bit. All I really needed to do was fix my tail light cables.

  4. I empathise with no internet. We just got our capacity back after a few days on go slow because my partner used it all up watching back to back episodes of 'Westwing'. Aaarrgghhh! How did I ever survive without high speed internet? And on a weekend where thousands of tourists also logged in.

    Yes, I can understand life ta sea. It's why I go surfing, although the ubiquitous tourists also fucked that up this weekend. Some days there is just nowhere to hide.

    1. It's odd, after five years with nothing out here, to lose signal but I do have to budget sunlight still. Don't you have a satellite? I thought an overload of tourists wouldn't have an impact on that service. When in town during Easter, I swap to 3G, as 4G is usually bombing due to over use.

    2. We still had internet Sarah but it was soooooooo slow it was hardly worth using. Robin had used up all our download streaming Westwing and other Netflix shows. He was very apologetic but I still could have slapped him haha.

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