Friday, March 11, 2011

Boat Sheds

I've removed my (valid but unecessary) rant, replaced it with soothing pictures of interesting things to do with old wooden boats.
(Images courtesy of the Shetland Museum Archives)


  1. Nice but luckily I saved my previous comment. Won't be offended if you delete it as it won't match up:

    Very funny and very true. Yes, I too am dismayed at how young women desperately try to grasp some tiny scrap of power by flaunting their wares. We have gone so far backward in the quest for 'equality' it's a sad unfunny joke to this 60's girl.

    Oh, and on the subject of equality - at least the bum/ball hugging pants for men are back in. If men are encouraged to get an eyefull of butt/tit candy then I don't see why women have to put up with saggy jeans where the crotch hangs around the knees. How come they are allowed to hide their bits when we are supposed to flaunt all of ours? Not a fair contest at all.

  2. I for one will henceforth wear a used boat for trousers because those boat sheds are an altogether higher order of cool ;-)

  3. hahahaha.......:D You're all a bunch of comedians. Perhaps now ST may put her rant back on so this all makes sense....or else just delete, was a cracker!

  4. These boat sheds are amazing. Never heard of them before. I would love to live in the Hebrides and have a boat shed... sigh...

  5. I feel cheap and worthless when I wear my Speedos on the beach too.

  6. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    (That was BobCat treading the keyboard. I know she does it just to let me know she really exists.)

    Seriously though ... Tom. Um. a boater hat? Boat-necked shirt? Please carefully consider all alternatives to the Speedos.
    Budgie smugglers and a hairy chest have become synonomous with "Please love me, I want to rule your country, if only you slavering rabble will elect me," lately, here.

  7. But aren't the boat sheds great? I wanna build one. I've just got to work out how to get a one ton Pearl up onto a mud brick wall without a crane. Suggestions are welcome.

  8. I reckon possible with pullies and ropes and someone who knows what they are doing. Or some kind of ramp that slides it up. Or a system of jacks and incremental shifts. I have manouevered some very big boats with a boatlifting crane - it's amazing what leverage and an understanding of basic engineering can achieve. You might need some alternative framework for the weight of the boat - mud bricks might not be enough for council engineers. Maybe wood/steel frame with mudbrick infill.

  9. Yes, lever logic would come in handy. I need it when trying to lift a four wheel trailer, loaded with a cast iron bath, onto the towbar!
    It will be an interesting mission, but something I want to achieve before I shuffle off.
    Thanks for your suggestions.