Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seining for Sea Mullet


              Sea mullet at this Sunday's Boatshed Markets!


  1. If I was about 35 and reading this (and all the others) I would come out to Oz and ask for your hand, Mrs T. I know you, like everyone else, has shit in their lives, but your highs are the best.

  2. Thanks Merc. I was going to write something but so tired last night, all I could do was put up photos.

    Tom. Made my day.

  3. Another brilliant series. Really evocative..

  4. It was so exciting.
    In fact I just commented a huge rave about how exciting the whole thing was and I got a 'blogger cannot do this shit' shutdown.
    So I've run out of juice right now. But thanks Ciaran and Seashell ...

  5. I wish we lived closer for fish are my favourite food & I would be a regular customer of yours, as well as being a regular reader :)
    Wonderful pics as usual Sarah, I could almost smell the sea !