Thursday, March 3, 2011

Live and Let Die: Bluff Knoll

The truck crawled up the mountain road towards the stolid face of Bluff Knoll, rocking to the strains of  McCartney's 'Live and Let Die'. Wow. Even the soundtrack is BIG. We got to the carpark, where people stood in exhausted, sweaty cliques. They barely had the energy to say hello after the climb.

But in the shelter facing the clouds rolling off the mountain sat a happy, talkative man with a can of VB and a book. "I live across the road," he explained. "I come here every day, just to sit and read."
"They haven't found that bloke yet, have they?"
"Nope.Someone else got stuck up there yesterday. They got helicopters looking for him." He laughed. "Turned out he was fine! Just late. Someone will give him a bit of a talking to, I reckon."
I looked at his book, the one he'd propped over his beer to keep out the flies.
'Live and Let Die' by Ian Fleming.


  1. Perfect synchronicity with a valuable message. Just watched 'Into the Wild', about Chris Mc Candless who gave everything away and went to Alaska to live in the wild - where he died very young with a smile on his face. Robin read the book and hired the video cos he reckoned there were a lot of philosophical similarities between me and Chris.

  2. Totally, Seashell. Uncompromising.
    That is a wonderful movie. Will stay with me for a long time.

  3. Another amazing bit of Australia that I haven't seen. It's funny when those things happen, eh?

  4. nice coincidence and breathtaking pictures ^_^

  5. I should have called the post 'Rock Opera'. The place is like that - in a Meatloaf kinda way.