Monday, April 20, 2015

A most excellent ranthem

While we are on the subject of slam poets, here is Ranthem by Omar Musa:


  1. Thought it was fab. Am reading his book too at the mo. How are you lovey?

    1. Hi Melba! I've been on the road or holed up, or both. How are you going? (I'll take pity on you finally and take care of that double comment :~))

    2. Hey, did I post a double? Tsk. I'm good. Ish. Had a 'photo shoot' today for author pics and 'it wasn't as bad as I expected' but 'we shall wait and see', shall we? The proof will be in the photeys.

      I want to hole up. Desperately.

    3. I know that feeling of wanting to hole up, and it's hard when you have to put yourself out there. A photo shoot! Wow! They are useful for authors and not just for the book but all other publicity.