Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back to the shack

 Chased a rainbow to Kundip.

Into the Freaky Forest.
Below is a close up of the strange beauty that is lichen.

Worked on my wall of um ... toa. That's it. The Wall of Toa. 
Kundip kerosene tins, maps and an original Catherine Gordan

 ... and spent ANZAC day wandering about Cocanarup ...


  1. A spotted on the 103 bus from Perth to Fremantle last Sunday: a woman reading Salt Story.
    Thought you'd like to know.

  2. Love that landscape. I want a wall and a shack like that.

  3. Thanks Mr Hat, I love that landscape too. It's a beautiful place.

  4. I would like a little shack in the middle of nowhere too. Trouble is, there's not enough nowhere here to go around.

  5. Hi Tom, yes it's a great spot. Quiet, except for a cacophony of birds at dawn.
    I was very sorry to hear about Dolly x

  6. Kundip; just like a pot of gold, eh?

    How're your bees? And your snake?

    The dog's certainly grown, hasn't she?

    The lichen picture looks like something taken from the ocean.

    1. I wanted to ask about the snake as well.


  7. Hi Alex, the rainbow made me laugh because it was resting on Kundip when I first saw it, but as I drove, it ... melted before me.
    The bees aghh! Another post. The snake is sleeping.
    The dog is beautiful, if annoying at the moment. She's starting to look quite Dobi, or something. She's good company, anyway.
    The lichen ... that stuff is crazy. It's soft to the touch when alive but if I pick it, it turns hard just like coral.

    1. Didn't see your reply here. But now I have my snake update.

  8. 1. the lichen is amazing
    2. the Wall of Toa is AMAZING

  9. Nice shack Sarah! Thought you might like to read this, if you haven't already:


    Cheers big ears