Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Wildly beautiful hey?


  1. I am now ashamed that I wasted so many over the years.

  2. It's OK Tom.
    Think about those ones who made it.


    1. Two of them did. I personally know one of them, but I have not seen the other since he was a baby, and Christ knows what happened to the other 10,000 trillion. All I know is that all my landladies have complained about the state of the curtains over the years.

  3. Well, it's not like there's any sense in trying to save them up, Tom.

    These are pretty spectacular pictures. It reminds you that, even though we think of ourselves as a single being, our bodies are also a colony/ecosystem in their own right; like a coral reef or something.

    How were these taken? Are they photos, or some sort of scans that've had colour mapped to them?

  4. I have no idea Alex. My son texted me them from his phone because he thought I'd like them. When I quizzed him, he said he'd found them on the net somewhere. As you do

  5. I've been thinking about these pics. Are they metaphorical Sarah? As in: the seminal beginnings of an idea/story/book?

  6. Mmm ... perhaps in a more subliminal text. Definitely conceiving some ideas at the moment. I'm keen to get on with my next story.